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Ultrasonic antifouling systems

Sonihull ECO is the latest range of ultrasonic anti-fouling systems from the eco-technology pioneer Sonihull. Since 2006, Sonihull has been developing industry-leading ultrasound technology that safely prevents unwanted barnacles and mollusks from colonizing hard surfaces. Pragati Yacht is the official distributor of Sonihull in Florida.

Sonihull has over 80,000 installations worldwide, with around 50 installations here in Florida. To keep up with our installations, follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


Traditional anti-fouling systems, such as surface paints, rely on the release of toxic chemicals and microplastics into the ocean. SONIHULL is based on the physics of ultrasound to keep marine fouling away from your vessel. You can protect your hull or you can choose to protect keels, rudders, IPS drives, outboard motors, water jets, propellers, keel coolers, saltwater pipes, and cooling water inlets. From small boats to complex super yachts.

SONIHULL has got you covered! No need for a boat lift or floating dock. The system can be installed in the water!


Sonihull works on Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Fiber Glass, Carbon Fiber and Rigid Plastics.

It does not work on wooden hulls, and in combination with silicone-based anti-fouling paints to protect auxiliary systems, we recommend thin layers of propspeed because when it is applied too thick, the ultrasonic wave loses resonance, limiting its effectiveness!

PRAGATI YACHT has specialized in ultrasonic system installation, with 5 years of experience. Contact us to request our installation services!

We have installed Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Systems on the following brands:

About the system:

How does it work?

Once the transducers are installed, they will start emitting ultrasonic waves, creating non-inertial cavitation at a microscopic level that will resonate throughout the outer layer of your hull, preventing barnacles from attaching to it. These ultrasonic waves are not audible to human, fish and marine mammals.

By increasing and decreasing pressure, Sonihull prevents barnacles from adhering to the hull.

The Sonihull ECO ultrasonic transducers are attached to the dry side of the surface being protected. The transducers produce a microscopic pattern of increasing and decreasing pressure in the layer of water touching the protected surface.

Microscopic bubbles are created as the pressure decreases and implode as the pressure increases.

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zero poisonous environmental legacy

Unlike anti-fouling paints, Sonihull ECO provides effective control of biofouling without biocides or microplastics. It is low-cost, low-maintenance, and has no poisonous environmental legacy.

It protects inside and out.

Larger marine vessels can be protected, as the system can be installed underwater. Additionally, the system is compatible with a variety of common materials in the naval industry, such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, fiberglass, and rigid plastics, making it suitable for a wide range of vessels and applications.

Complete Range of Solutions

From small vessels to complex superyachts. From hulls to awkward pipes: Sonihull ECO has systems to protect any surface from unwanted biofouling.

Where to start?

According to the size of your vessel, we will recommend which system is best for your protection needs.

For more information, download the brochure here:

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