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14 Cleaners – Developed aboard one of the world’s most prestigious yachts.

We are pleased to say that we cover the complete cleaning needs of yachts.

Taking care of our oceans is our responsibility.

Many boats of all sizes are making better choices.

The Ecoworks Marine range is driving the sustainable revolution in our industry by producing products that are biodegradable, comply with IMO MARPOL, and are plant-based, that actually work.

In fact, we have heard they work more effectively than some of our chemical competitors. Ocean-friendly and healthier for the crew using the products.

Our two biochemistry doctors create very smart blends of bacteria and enzymes to clean specific areas and address tough issues. Our products eat dirt in a natural cleaning way instead of burning it off the surface.

Main ingredients:


Most “biodegradable” products are only primary, which is 20% in 28 days, with no limit on when the remaining substance will disintegrate.

Ecoworks Marine named sustainability partner for the SUPER52 SERIES.

We love supporting sustainable global yacht events, and we are truly thrilled to have been asked to be the Official Suppliers of the 52 SUPER SERIES.

The 52 SUPER SERIES is the world’s leading Grand Prix monohull yacht racing circuit, and 2019 marks the eighth season of the 52 SUPER SERIES. Twelve teams from 20 nations have entered this year’s events, and they will be the best yet. There were nine new boats this year, and with the upcoming America’s Cup also competing as monohulls, there is even more interest in the techniques and performance of these boats from those AC teams. The first event is in Menorca, Spain, and starts on May 21st until the 25th, so if you are in Menorca, head to the Mahón Yacht Club, meet the teams, and Ecoworks Marine. Or you can watch it live on the 52 SUPER SERIES app.

See more information and the full schedule of events at:  “I’ll see you there!”

Ecoworks Marine supplied the cleaning products for the Volvo Ocean Race Yacht, 'Turn The Tide On Plastic'

We are proud to have supplied the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race team and skipper Dee Caffari of “Turn The Tide On Plastic” with our “Preserve The Living Seas” range of sustainable and marine-friendly cleaning products for the boat and equipment.

The race visited thirteen cities around the world from the start in Alicante, Spain, to Cape Town, Hong Kong, Cardiff, and finally to The Hague, Netherlands. An epic 44,000-mile race, so tough, so grueling, and so close that there were still three possible winners of the entire event on the last leg. Congratulations to Dongfeng, a truly epic achievement to be the overall winners, and congratulations to “Turn The Tide On Plastic”, an incredible achievement for Dee Caffari and her team. They were the youngest, most inexperienced, and completely 50/50 gender mixed team. This grueling race tested every member of the team, every second of the way. Bringing Turn The Tide On Plastic safely home, after being with the pack for the full eight months, is a true testament to Dee Caffari’s leadership and skills. Well done Dee, a fantastic job!

For every part of the race, 100% performance, attention to detail, and sustainability in preparation, are everything, which is why they chose Ecoworks Marine.

Catch up with the race and see where they are now:

People often ask us how we can be green, but use plastic bottles. The truth is that the plastic problem is not simple. We believe we address these questions in this blog in a few brief points.

Plastic has its uses, but there are many different types of plastic. First and foremost, we do not use virgin plastic, but recycled plastic. We also consciously choose to use clear plastic bottles, as they are more widely recycled. The type of plastic we use is HDPE2, which is more effective than some of our chemical competitors.

Why not glass? In many cases, glass can be a fantastic replacement for plastic, although not necessarily in this type of product. The production of glass bottles is much more environmentally intensive than the bottles we use. Glass creates more than 6 times the global warming gases that plastic does. Additionally, the weight of the product is much heavier, leaving a larger environmental footprint during transportation. Breakage is also a negative issue. Furthermore, working on boats, glass is not necessarily a good option!

When some biodegradable plastics break down in landfills, they produce methane gas. This is a very potent greenhouse gas that adds to the problem of global warming. Biodegradable plastics are made with 5% corn starch or vegetable oil, and cannot be recycled because the starch or oil additive compromises the quality of recycled plastics. If a biodegradable or bioplastic ends up in a landfill, it will never decompose. In landfills, waste is essentially mummified, in total absence of light and oxygen.

Most of the cleaning products you buy in the market are not concentrated. Many of our products are 10 X concentrates. This means 10 bottles less than an alternative that does not require dilution.

This is the goal. And that will become an option someday when we can implement it logistically (we are a small family business, so the more support we get, the faster we will make this happen). In the meantime, we sell in large containers that many ships use on board to refill.

So, as you know, reduce, reuse, recycle. And ultimately, we have to work towards a circular economy. But more on that next time. I haven’t even mentioned the ecological benefits of the actual products yet, but if you’ve made it this far, we’ll save that for another day! Thank you for taking the time to read this. And please share if you think it could be useful for someone else.

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