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$899.00$1,299.00 + Taxes
Nemo is a compact diving system that supports 1 diver at 10 feet with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts over an hour. Completely assembled in the United States of America. Whether you're an ocean explorer, a poolside parent, a treasure hunter, an underwater photographer, a self-sufficient boat owner, or in search of the latest yacht toy, Nemo is for you. With backpack $999 Without backpack $899 Including one spare battery $1,099 Including two spare batteries $1,299


$1,899.00$2,599.00 + Taxes
With backpack $1999 Without backpack $1899 Includes one spare battery $2245 Includes two spare batteries $2599 Nomad is a battery-powered air supply buoy for diving that provides compressed air from the surface through a 40-foot long hose while breathing underwater. Extremely compact and easy to use, Nomad provides over 45-60 minutes of dive time per battery, depending on the diver's usage.