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About us

American company with expertise in transatlantic going vessels and over 14 years of experience in the yachting industry.

We provide sustainable solutions to help our customers reduce the negative impact on the environment, helping them saving money with more sustainable alternatives to maintain their vessels.

All our solutions are environmentally friendly so that together we can help preserve our seas and oceans.


Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions to help our clients reduce their negative impact on the environment, so that we can continue to enjoy the beauty of our oceans. We want to create a culture of living collectively in a symbiotic relationship with our environment.


Always seeking to help our clients innovate and implement revolutionary technologies to reduce the negative impact on our oceans.

Why choose us?

At Pragati Yacht, we understand that yachts are a significant investment for sailing enthusiasts. That’s why we strive to provide more sustainable maintenance solutions to owners and captains, as well as eco-friendly cleaning products that help protect the environment.

Solutions for the maritime industry

We use our expertise to recommend and implement new technologies that reduce the downtime of your vessel, maintenance costs, as well as minimize the negative toxic footprint on the environment.
This way, we can ensure that your sailing experience is enjoyable for current owners and future generations.