The Yacht that Transforms the Yachting Industry with the Use of Sustainable Ecological Technologies!

We are your best ally in ecological solutions for keeping your hull and auxiliary equipment free of Bio-fouling and providing non-contaminating cleaning products, reducing negative impact on the environment, approved by MARPOL.

Transforming our industry and preserving our water ways in Florida, one boat at a time!


Sonihull ECO

We install SONIHULL ECO  Ultrasonic Anti-fouling Systems that help you keep your boat free of marine growth, reducing maintenance, fuel and shipyard costs!

This technology extends the life of the anti-fouling paint, reducing excessive pollution in our Florida waterways, one boat at a time!

Effective and ecological

100% biodegradable cleaning formulas

Sustainable cleaning products for the maritime industry.

Underwater cavitation cleaning technology

We keep your Propellers, Shafts, Rudders, Bow Thruster, Stabilizers, ladders, Concrete pillars, Wood Pilings and Floating Plastic Docks free of barnacles.


Oxygen tank-free diving systems!

Nemo 10 feet of Depth, Nomad 30 feet of Depth.

Easy to carry and you can dive from 10-30 feet deep!


Pragati Yacht

Passion for the environment

We love our planet and offer proven high-quality products with zero environmental impact.

We are very aware that this world is not ideal, but by manufacturing and promoting solutions that do not pollute, we promote the well-being of our ecosystems and the health of our planet.

  • Maritime industry solutions
  • Products of high quality
  • Reducing toxic footprint on the environment.
  • Sustainability with performance

Keep your yacht clean and protected with Pragati Yacht!

Exclusive Products

¡Keep your yacht free of pollution! Check out and request a quote for our eco-friendly cleaning products now.


Solutions for the maritime industry

  • Installation of proven technologies in the maritime industry.
  • Implementation of preventive systems and products.
  • Underwater Structures Cleaning and Maintenance for Marinas and Private Docks

Certifications and Partnerships

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Based on 7 reviews
John Holland
John Holland
It’s been three months since our professional Sonihull Duo installation. I’m delighted to report that the system is working as promised in an environment high with marine growth. My bottom shows no barnacle growth with light and smooth Algae covering the bottom as verified by my hired Diver. While treated with anti-fouling paint it proves out how both applications work together successfully. I’m the owner of the new Boston Whaler Outrage 330 that I took delivery in early April. Juliana Gómez-Leach and Alejandro representing leadership at Pragati YACHT were nothing less than professional from education to installation. We can not thank them enough for traveling to Bohicket Marina Village, Seabrook Island, SC. to complete the successful installation project. THANK YOU! #Bostonwhaler #Bohicketmarinavillage #Marinemax
Lucien Lepoutre
Lucien Lepoutre
I have had this system for a couple of years , due to my hull multi Kevlar layers on my Neptunus the transducers had to be moved which Pragati supported at no cost . It made a 180 difference , I used to bottom clean every 4 weeks , now after 90 days only a little algae growth on the water line which is easily removed . My last paint job made it 4 years with 3 years without the system and one year with it . With the system now I don’t believe I will need to repaint for at least 6-8 years . Also it is affecting the swim platform which I didn’t think it would , which is a great additional benefit . Thank you for Pragati continued support 😀
Thank you very much for the incredible attention you gave me, you have some great products, I will recommend them to everyone I know.
Robert Sclafani
Robert Sclafani
They installed Sonihull system 1 year ago and I have had no barnacles and zero problems. I was skeptical at first but now I have lived with for a year and have proven results Highly recommend I use them for bottom cleaning and they are great I mean really great! alex is great as the installer tech!
David Vatland
David Vatland
I had this product installed a little over 1 year ago and it really works. We pulled boat and only growth was on running gear. Noting on the bottom of boat where this product does its work. Algae was only thing on bottom. Cannot stop that. Overall a great saver of fuel and much better ride.
Horacio Pinto
Horacio Pinto
A company with a high level of professionalism !!!! I am a customer of them and their quality and punctuality service are excellent! I recommend them 100%. Follow the successes!!
Laura Gurski
Laura Gurski
I had Sonic Hull Installed on my trawler a year ago. I do keep my boat in south Florida. The results have been amazing. Divers come after 3 months with little growth. I use to have a diver every 4 weeks. I doubt that I will bottom paint for 2 more years. Pragati did an excellent professional installation. I could not be happier.


Yacht Bottom Cleaning

We only offer cleaning services to boats with ultrasonic anti-fouling  systems!

Take advantage of our yearly bottom cleaning plans! Get a quote now!

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